What do you do after you start your wine collection?

After you’ve spent a few years developing your palate for wine and learning your preferences – developed over the course of time as you experiment with a different type of wine for each meal – you might decide that your interest goes further than just gustatory enjoyment.

You may become interested in the history of wine, and what follows from that is to actually start collecting wine.


And if you start collecting wine, of course you need a place to store your collection which will enable you to keep it safe but also enable you to look at and enjoy it.


A Weald bespoke wine cooler, customised to your specifications, is the ideal receptacle for your collection. As we advise anyone who comes to us asking about what size of wine cooler or cabinet they might need – think about how much space you might need, and then double it.

This is because a collection usually doesn’t stop at just a few bottles of wine. The true collector is always finding new bottles and new vintages to add to his or her collection.

Many individuals who collect wine do so intending to eventually drink that wine themselves – others do so as an investment. They intend to sell the wine at an appropriate moment to make a profit on their purchase. If wine is not stored properly and degrades – it will be useless to drink and of course to resell.

That’s why a Weald Refrigeration wine cooler which will maintain a consistent temperature and humidity year-round is essential.

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