Your Hotel

Here at Weald Refrigeration we know that some of the many things that make a good hotel great are, good service, a good restaurant and of course a stylish hotel bar.

A hotel bar that serves great wine displayed in a Weald Refrigeration glass fronted wine coolers served at the correct temperature is also a must, as more and more guests are looking forward to dinning in a signature restaurant, with a high profile chef, and an ever changing menu.

Stylish Bar Design is just one of the key areas in which Weald Refrigeration has many years of experience. We know that successful bar design is all about making a statement, creating a style, being individual and standing out from the crowd.

We never underestimate the importance of your hotel bar. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the space or resources, if you only have a small space and a limited budget Weald Refrigeration can still fit one of our made to measure wine coolers at a very competitive price. So no matter what the size of bar or budget we understand your hotel needs a good well equipped bar with chilled wines on display.

Over the past five years we have witnessed a change in Bar Design towards a more modern design using our stainless steel, smoked glass fronted wine coolers a lot of hotels are modernising their bar facilities to create an atmosphere of luxury with a touch of minimalist style that will ensure their current guests feel part of the modern crowd while aiming to entice new visitors through their doors.

So if you are in a search of a new and impressive hotel bar design, that will not only please your existing but also attract new customers and display your wine at its very best, why not contact us now or visit to our showroom at Sevenoaks in Kent.