Your Kitchen

Many wine lovers have now realised that it does not require a large sum of money to start or even maintain a wine collection especially with a wine cooler built by Weald Refrigeration specifically for their new kitchen.

A Bespoke wine cooler can be hand built by Weald Refrigeration to fit exactly into your new kitchen and is the best method for storing your wines. Looking like a large refrigerator only much more stylish, our wine coolers can store dozens or even hundreds of bottles at selected temperatures.

Weald Refrigeration’s wine coolers can be manufactured as one of two types; The option of being a single or dual temperature. The Single temperature wine refrigerator is a one temperature unit that can be controlled for one set temperature i.e. white or red.

The dual controlled wine cooler has two temperature compartments which enable you to store both red and white wines at different temperatures in individual compartments that you can set to different temperature levels.

Whatever wine cooler you choose from Weald Refrigeration’s extensive range, a standard unit from its Prestige range of wine coolers or a bespoke wine cooler built specifically to fit into your new kitchen you can rest assured that it will be, built by craftsmen, 100% reliable great to look at, and an affordable way to store your wines.

So if you are in a search of a new and impressive wine cooler built specifically into your latest kitchen design, that guarantees to display and keep your wine at the ideal temperature then contact us now or visit to our showroom here at Sevenoaks in Kent.