Collecting and Enjoying Wine with Weald

People who collect wine – whether for themselves and their family to enjoy in future or as an investment – will typically have two storage facilities.

The first storage facility you should be considering is a Weald Refrigeration wine cooler that holds from 50 to 120 bottles of wine (depending on the types of bottles concerned – magnum bottles are larger than wine bottles, for example).


This wine cooler is used for the wines that they serve and enjoy on a daily basis and will be conveniently located within the kitchen.

Investment-quality wines will be kept in a cool cellar in long wine racks, or to be doubly safe, kept in bespoke wine refrigerators that keep temperature and humidity steady at all times.

For long-term storage, the collector will typically want to be store the bottles in such a way that the labels are easily visible so that a periodic “time tour” of the collection can be taken.

A bespoke wine cooler manufactured by Weald can be constructed to the purchaser’s precise measurements in order to fit anywhere in one’s home.

Some people collect wine only as an investment and have no interest in it otherwise, but they are a rarity. Most people not only collect wine but also are very knowledgeable out oenology – the study of wine – and also enjoy a wide variety of wines as accompaniment to meals or just to relax in front of the fireplace of an evening.


Wine enthusiasts know that the type of glass from which they drink their wine is important. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes – designed for different types of wine – to allow them to release the aroma of a wine properly, to “collect” that aroma, and to taste the wine properly via the thin or thick edge or “lip” of the glass.

For the best tasting experience, stemware to bring out the best in red wines, white wines, desert wines, and sparkling wines should be available. Designs include the “standard,” “flute,” “tulip,” “coupe” and “tumbler.”

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