The PR600 Wine Cooler from our Prestige Range

Finding an affordable and reliable large capacity wine cooler can be a bit of a challenge. However, here at Weald Refrigeration we know that the PR 600 from our Prestige Wine Cooler range has been specifically designed and built to draw attention to, and feature, your wine. With its eye-catching wine shelf system your wines can be...
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Dual Zone or Single Zone Wine Cooler

A Weald Refrigeration dual zone wine cooler has two compartments, each of which is temperature controlled. In most cases, one of the compartments has a broader temperature range compared to the other. The warmer zone, should be able to maintain a set point of around 55F, which is ideal for storing reds ,while the colder zone...
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Wine Cooler Selection from Weald

With so many different wine cooler manufacturers competing for your business, and with so much information on the web today it can all become a little confusing. That is why Weald Refrigeration has prepared this short intro buying your wine cooler guide: to discuss the basic and most important considerations when choosing a wine cooler. Choosing The...
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