Architects Area wine cooler design

Over the years Weald Refrigeration is proud to have worked alongside a variety of innovative architects and interior designers in providing quality wine cooler service, and creative solutions for bar, restaurant, and hotel owners in their search for stylish wine  coolers built in the UK at a competitive price.

Weald Refrigeration invites all architects and interior designers to visit its showroom and see for themselves our superb range of Prestige wine coolers. They are stylish, cost effective and our bespoke wine coolers can be built to almost any size, configuration, colour and finish and can be mixed and matched to suit your client’s design requirements.

We know bar, restaurant and hotel owners use professional architects and interior designers when they are planning to remodel or renovate their existing sites. They need the experience and creative ability they provide in bar and restaurant design plus architectural expertise.

Here at Weald Refrigeration we know that successful back bar design is all about making a statement, creating a style being individual and standing out from the crowd, we also know budgets are a big consideration when planning your new project. Our wine cooler design department will ensure the quoted project cost for your new wine coolers stays on track.

At Weald Refrigeration we believe that when planning your new project our showroom becomes an invaluable asset, with a good selection of wine coolers in a variety of styles and finishes, both modern and contemporary designs enabling you to visualise the finished product.

Our latest designs in wine coolers will enhance any new or existing bar layout and be practicable, functional, simple to use and most importantly designed to stand the test of time.

As stated earlier Weald Refrigeration has worked with many of the leading bar and restaurant architects and designers constructing and designing innovative wine coolers for back bar projects.

Our aim is to continue to work with both old and new architects and interior design partners to creating stunning wine coolers with flair and innovative design, providing experienced advice and a service that will compliment their budget. Why not contact Us and find out what Weald Refrigeration can do for you.