40 years of Weald Refrigeration

Weald Refrigeration was conceived and established by John Burgess in July 1969 and since its inception John’s aim has been to build a family business based on traditional values and skills. The same values and skills that John was taught as a young apprentice over 50 years ago.

Values like, pride, honesty, integrity and respect, both for their clients and their staff.

Many of the manufacturing team have been with Weald Refrigeration for over 20 years and take tremendous pride in the wine coolers they produce and the skills they use in producing them.

During this period the company has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and experience in wine coolers, wine cooler technology and production. This experience has enabled the Weald Refrigeration team to design and manufacture an exceptional range of refrigerated back bar cabinets, top loading bottle coolers, and, of course, its range of Prestige wine coolers

Weald Refrigeration also has the unique ability to be able to manufacture bespoke wine coolers and made to measure wine coolers to almost any specification. Being masters in the art of custom built wine coolers means that cabinets can be manufactured to fit in unusual spaces with the ability to provide detailed specifications and quotes, with drawings, for wine coolers in any format, finish or configuration to suit almost any requirements.

These principles and values, which have helped establish Weald Refrigeration, enable it to continue to prosper today as when John started the company over 40 years ago. These values have been passed on to his son Chris who heads up the design and technology team at Weald.

A design team that believes that systematic experimentation is the key tool in making their products so reliable. Constant research into solutions and materials, plus constant reviewing of their criteria ensure the achievement of their aim, to meet the client’s expectations.

Over the years Weald Refrigeration has also forged a strong relationship with many of the major bar designers, manufacturers, restaurants and hotel groups and professional buyers supplying both its prestige range of wine coolers as well as bespoke wine coolers and made to measure wine refrigerators in all manner of designs and finishes.

Working in conjunction with them, Weald Refrigeration has created many of the most innovative designs in wine coolers and bottle coolers that can be seen in many of today’s top venues.

Weald Refrigeration has also established a distributor network which includes, in its opinion, the best service and design companies in the UK. Companies which embrace the same values and principles as Weald. This means that you, as the end user, can be sure of, and depend on, a fast, competent and professional service no matter where you are.

As stated at the start of this article, John’s initial concept was to build a company producing a range of wine coolers that combine new technology, great style and superb reliability by an extremely professional and skilled work force. Just go and visit Weald Refrigeration’s showroom and I’m sure you will all agree, John and his team have admirably accomplished all of the above.